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Nowadays I'm attending SFI course at Komvux Södervärn. My studies are in the category of flex, that means that I'm in charge of my own development in the field. Presenciality is flexible to my needs. 


Dramatic Art, speciality in Scenography studies at Institut del Teatre, Barcelona

Audiovisual Communication studies at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.


In addition to the academic world I've always been interested in learning about different fields related somehow to my main interest, scenography. 

MediaverkstadenNya vägar för konstnärer. In that course we learned to design in 3D and print in a 3D printer machine and so many other techniques that are offered at the collective workshop. The course was promoted by Arbetsförmedlingen Kultur. 

STPLN, That's a maker space located in Malmö. There I started as a volunteer helping the visitors to make their projects reality. In my responsibilities was included the use of laser cutter machine, CNC machine, wood workshop, screen printing and textile machines as sewing or knitting. After a while volunteering I've got a job supervising the textile and the screen printing department. 

International House Barcelona, modern languages school. I've got a degree in Teacher for Spanish as a second language. Nowadays I have two regular private students in Malmö. 

Bell Art Restauration School. I learned the processes and techniques to manipulate food in order to get it's best qualities. I've got a chef degree from it and I used it to work as food stylist. 

Amor y Felicidad art gallery and maker space. There I took classes on bookbindery and screen printing.






Rigoletto, Malmö Opera, Spotlight

Pippin, Malmö Opera, Spotlight. 

Lakmé, Malmö Opera, Video Projection Technician. 

Drömen om Svanjön, Malmö Opera, Video Projection Coordination Assistance. 

Aniara, Malmö Opera, Video Projection Coordination Assistance. 

La Gioconda, Malmö Opera, Video Projection Coordination Assistance. 

Vad gör vi här?, Malmö Stadsteater, Puppets and Props. 

Resan till Meloonia, Moomsteatern, Mask and Props.

Expressteatern, props. 



Will the happiness find us, Scenography and costume assistant. Scenographer Nadia Nabil.

Logoland after dark, Nørrebro teater, Scenography and costume assistant. Scenographer N.Nab. 

Æble -3-2-1, Scenography and costume assistant. Scenographer Nadia Nabil.

Frk Mærkværdig, Teater Dyrelab/ Bådteateret. Scenography and costume assistant. Scenographer Nadia Nabil.

Trøfast Teater Får 302, Mia Lipschitz. Scenography and costume assistant. Scenographer N.Nab.



Über die dörfer by Peter Handke at Teatre Estudi directed by Joan Ollé. Set, light and costume design. Production, set, costume and props building.

The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare directed by Rafel Duran. Video design assistant. Artist, Eugenio Swzarzer. Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. 

La Sagrada Familia at Teatre Estudi directed by Francesc Amaro. Costume design and building.

The importance of being Earnest at Teatre Ovidi Montllor directed by Joan Castell. Set and costume building.

Sanchez Pernill Aclamat at Teatre Estudi directed by Joan Yago. Set and costume building.

The City by Martin Crimp at Teatro de Alfacar Granada directed by Carmen Padró. Set, costume and video design.

Portem la Mediterrània a Praga Street performance at the Quatriennal of Prage. Set design and building.


Film & other media


PIXEL film festival 2014 teaser, Scenography and direction assistant. Ystad, Sweden.


Food styling assistance for Amanda Laporte. We prepared the set and food for promotional photo shootings of all kind of food products and food related situations. That was a freelance collaboration that lasted in time during my scenography studies. Our clientes where the major supermarket brands in the regional area of Catalonia and the specialized homeware brands as the food thematic magazines.  

Think different to feel different and The art of achieving the impossible. Direction for promotional short films for Talent Institute. 

Internship at Televisió de Catalunya Canal Internacional. Production department. Contents creating and journalism. 


International stage in Buenos Aires, Argentina during 18 months. There I worked as an art assistant in different production film companies and TV as artistic assistant for Nancy Gomelsky and Jorge Sarudiansky and Laura Manson in commercial films for Coca-Cola, Quilmes, Banco Santander, Peugeot. Film Advertising Agencies: Películas Cortitas, Flehner, Patagonik films and Blender. Art assistant for photograph sets for Juan Salvarredy. Art Assistant for Ciudad Abierta TV Channel. 

As a very curious person I have different hobbies and interests. In my spare time I paint with watercolors. It all started because I wanted to get better at the artistic expression of my set and costume designs and it ended being an activity that helps me to learn patience and organizational skills. Nowadays one of my favorites activities is to sketch people, catching the mood or the attitude is a great challenge. I learned watercolor techniques with my good friend and professional painter Francesc Artigau. 

Other life goals that I have are keeping plants alive, cook every day healthy food and being as helpful to the others as I can.